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    Best MCAT resources for content review

    Hello! So I have just under 5 months for content review. Looking to dedicate about 500 hours to studying. I am wondering what the best sources are for content review? I know that some people recommend certain companies for each subject tested on the exam. I will be using full lengths...
  2. P

    OAT Kaplan 2016 Review Book + OAT Destroyer + Flash cards

    FOR SALE! OAT Big Blue Kaplan Review Notes Book 2016 (VERY helpful, covers all major topics in depth!!) OAT Destroyer (Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning, Biology, Physics) which includes hundreds of practice questions with detailed solutions (VERY SIMILAR TO OAT) OAT...
  3. High Yield Press

    Advertisement The ONLY dermatology book for the USMLE!

    IMPROVE YOUR SCORE BY RECOGNIZING HIGHLY TESTED CLINICAL IMAGES! Recognizing photographs of skin disorders in board exams is usually an easy way to score points. Dermatology for the USMLE is a targeted dermatology review book that prepares you to identify the most commonly tested skin...
  4. High Yield Press

    A MUST have book for Step 2 CK and Step 3! Check it out!

    Hey guys, Newly released book "Dermatology for the USMLE". Only book that includes ALL clinical images you may encounter on the Boards. Highly recommend you check it out. Sold in Amazon, just search by "Dermatology for the USMLE". A MUST HAVE for all medical students who want to ACE the boards!
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    TPR 2015 CARS Workbook MCAT

    Hi, I am selling an unused 2015 Princeton Review's Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Workbook (TPR CARS Workbook) for MCAT. If interested, please PM me for more info.
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    Awesome review book?

    Hello, I'm a Canadian Internal Medicine resident signed up for the ABIM in Aug 2015. I'm looking for a used copy of the Awesome review materials, since it's hard for me to get a week off for a review course down in the states. Don't mind anything written on/ highlighted. Would appreciate any...
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    Selling Kaplan OAT Course Review Book - 2014 edition

    Hi, I am selling the Kaplan OAT Review book that can only be obtained by taking the course. It is a big book with detailed sections of each science, math, and critical reading information. Includes a full practice test at the end along with critical reading practice test at the beginning...