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    Nontraditionals: Any interest in hearing from someone who's made it to the end?

    As an introduction: I've been in medicine for 13 years. I started out in engineering, but decided to go to med school because I was genuinely interested in medicine and didn't want to spend the rest of my career in front of a computer. I kind of stumbled my way into med school (I went to a...
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    Freaking out a little. And by a little, I mean like a lot.

    Kind of similar to something I've posted before but here goes whatever.. LW need to vent so excuse me if this is slightly all over the place. Just hoping someone can help me out here I'm in the spring semester of my junior year now and with med school apps creeping up slowly, I've started to...
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    How to retry after rejection letters

    Greetings, I'm reading the different threads, trying to determine my personal chances as well and looking for those statements that confirm my fears: the GRE and research experience really are determining factors when looking to get into a PHD program. I realize that's simplistic, but out of...