1. B

    Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family, Reproductive Health vs Emory University Global Health

    Hi all, I have gotten into two excellent programs and am stuck deciding. I am currently working as a consultant in Kenya and won't be able to attend accepted student day or visit campus before the fall. I got into Johns Hopkins MSPH in Population, Family and Reproductive Health and Emory...
  2. S

    MPH Columbia vs BU vs Emory MPH

    Hello! I am at a difficult choice in choosing MPH programs in Fall 2017. About me: I want to get into the business side of healthcare, but have research and quantitative skills. I want to get into healthcare consulting after graduating with my MPH. I am currently deciding between BU's MPH in...
  3. snowy_owl

    MPH Emory Global Health vs. GW Maternal and Child Health

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to decide between pursuing my MPH at Emory in Global Health (with a concentration in Reproductive Health and Population Studies) or at George Washington in Maternal and Child Health. I'm having trouble deciding because Emory is higher ranked (top 10 - nice) and has...