1. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Thoughts on living alone during M1?

    I am happy to say that I will be starting medical school in August! As I start considering housing options, I want to hear some opinions on the -- living alone vs. living with roommates -- dilemma. Reasons why I prefer living alone: > Had disrespectful roommates in the past, don't want to deal...
  2. J

    NIH irta Housing

    Hey everyone, I have recently accepted a position in Bethesda, Maryland working at the NIH. I am going to be part of the IRTA program and I was looking for a roommate/roommates to live with during my time. I start the last week of August so finding a place to live before that time will be...
  3. C

    NIH IRTA Housing/Roommates

    I am moving up to Rockville, Maryland for a IRTA Postbac at the NICHD (NIH) starting at the end of June. I am having some trouble finding affordable housing. Is anyone in need of roommates or have advice on the matter? I am a 22 female, really outgoing and friendly!
  4. ddalkisand

    Chicago Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine Housing

    Hi, I am Peter Kim, 2017 master program student at Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine. I am looking for roommate. I am male, 29 and clean. I don't smoke or have a pet. I am trying to move in around May/June since my program starts in Summer quarter. Let me know if you are interested...
  5. BioForLife

    NYU Kips Bay Roommates

    Hey, all. I've been looking around at housing near NYU and Kips Bay looks like the best choice based on location and price. Anybody interested in these apartments? Maybe we could chat, search through listings together, and be roommates. I will be able to contribute about $1200-1400 toward rent...