1. FemaleJD

    Doing A Fourth-Year Elective In the Caribbean?

    My partner is currently finishing up his ob/gyn elective and moving onto fourth year this August and we have the itch to go back to the Caribbean for a short period. For reference: He is a Caribbean medical student at St. George in Grenada and St. George's hospital offers some basic med...
  2. S

    Best Resource to Prepare for APPEs & to Brush Up On My Education?

    So I’m starting rotations soon and I want to prepare / brush up on my knowledge. What’s the most recommended way of going about this? I also want to use the next 12 months to study for the NAPLEX. Obviously the last 2-3 months before the exam is where I will study more intensely, however I don’t...
  3. F

    Preceptor recommendations, Orlando FL

    Hi All, For anyone that has done APPE rotations in Orlando, please list a few places and preceptor names if you remember them. My school has a list but I would like to go based on good reviews. I like preceptors that are hands on with things and teach you well rather then give you busy work...