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    Need Some advice!

    So I need some advice. So I recently was accepted to Ross University for the Jan 2018 term. I'm happy I got in (cause my gpa is on the lower side (3.0) and was worried I wouldn't get in anywhere), but I also finished applications to several other schools and would rather attend a school in the...
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    Questions about RUSVM Transfers

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if there are some people on here that have transferred from RUSVM to a state-school (not clinicals, but actually transferred), or anyone who is knowledgable about the process. What does the school you are trying to transfer to look at to make their decision? I've...
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    Ross transfer - best curriculum match

    I know this has been touched on many times but most of them are older and curriculum has changed etc. I'm currently in first semester at Ross and I was wondering if there were any Ross transfers or others out there who know the best times/places to transfer and avoid having to repeat a lot of...