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    Rutgers Newark MBS Fall 2023

    Hello! I recently received my acceptance to Rutger's Masters Medical Scholars Program for this upcoming Fall semester. Anybody who's applied to the program or has gone through it feel free to share thoughts/questions about the program. Any tips about studying for the program/do's-and-don'ts/or...
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    Rutgers Medical scholars Vs. Touro MS Vs. NYMC Basic Medical sciences

    Hello all, I am having a hard time deciding on which SMP/Masters to attend. I graduated from uni with a 2.9 GPA overall, and a BCPM of 2.83, MCAT 509 (30) I have been accepted to all three, but am having trouble deciding what route would be best for me. Touro (middletown) has linkage to...
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    Masters in Physiology and Biophysics, Louisville, KY vs. Biomedical Science Masters, Rutgers NJ

    I got accepted to both of them for Fall 2018. I needed help deciding which one is better to got to. Which one has better chances of getting me into a dental school (asap)? Given, I perform the same and get at least a 3.5+ GPA in both. I have read some forms discussing Rutgers masters but there...