Rutgers Medical scholars Vs. Touro MS Vs. NYMC Basic Medical sciences

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Mar 13, 2019
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Hello all,

I am having a hard time deciding on which SMP/Masters to attend.

I graduated from uni with a 2.9 GPA overall, and a BCPM of 2.83, MCAT 509 (30)

I have been accepted to all three, but am having trouble deciding what route would be best for me.

Touro (middletown) has linkage to their DO program after one year, Rutgers and NYMC have only guaranteed interviews

I am fine with going to DO school, as the difference between MD and DO is negligible to me.

My question to you all is, If I attend Rutgers or NYMC, do I have a good chance of getting into many NY DO schools, or is it in my best intrest to attend touro and work hard to matriculate into their DO program with no worries.

I have been very stressed about this situation, any help or insight at all is very much appreciated!!


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Jan 29, 2017
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I have not personally done the AMP program at NYMC, but as a current student I would say its very high-risk-high-reward. Students who do well or even average in the AMP program and who have a decent MCAT (which you do have) are very very likely to be admitted to NYMC, and there are schools in the area who have already accepted NYMC students. The professors do interview prep with you, and you clearly are showing a lot of designated interest by being part of the AMP program. That being said, if you do very poorly in the AMP program it would be difficult to convince the school that you would be able to handle the material as a medical student.

Hope that helps! If you still have questions about the AMP program PM me, and I can try to send you contact info of an AMP student here.
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