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  1. M

    Looking to buy/rent RX prep online access/test bank

    hi- looking to rent your access for online rx prep for 30 days. Once 30 days is up, you can change password and resell to someone who may need it after. Looking for fair price since I only need 4 weeks and already bought but my access is up (did not pass first attempt so wasn't planning on...
  2. Leandispenser

    For Sale RxPrep 2018 book + RxPrep MPJE book $155

    The rxprep course book is brand new still in wrapping and MPJE book is lightly used /highlighted in...Selling both for $155 total.
  3. A

    RxPrep 2017

    RxPrep 2017 edition with no markings $100
  4. A

    For Sale RxPrep 3500+ Naplex Test Bank

    Selling access to RxPrep test bank. Still has around 35 days left on. Selling for $75. Please message me if interested.
  5. S


    Hello! I am also selling my CPJE study materials in case anyone is interested Weissman's A guide to California Community Law 8th edition Rx prep CPJE law book and access to the online video and test bank (i have access until 8/14/17) That's really all I used to pass. A lot of the questions in...
  6. P

    AZ mpje experience and federal law stuff

    Hello, I just received my MPJE results today and found out I have passed!! I used to federal MPJE book to study (Guide to Fed Pharm Law, 9th edition, By Reiss & Hall) and a specific state book called (Pharm law simplified AZ MPJE, by Heckman). I studied about 4 hr a day for 2 weeks and focused...
  7. V

    For Sale Selling 2017 Rx Prep Coursebook (Brand New)

    Hi there, I have an extra brand new 2017 Rx Prep Coursebook for sale ... still in it's shrink wrap. $145 shipped (only within the US). Retails for $170 brand new. Please message me if interested. Thanks!