sackler school of medicine

  1. H

    2021-2022 Sackler School of Medicine

  2. P

    What's up with Sackler

    I've been reading about Sackler all day and I am still so confused about its accreditation. It seems like at some point it was a US accredited school, but after visiting the following link, Accredited U.S. Programs | LCME it appears it no longer is. How does this affect match rates and education...
  3. glucoseMD

    Technion, Sackler, or MSIH?

    Hi Everyone, I'm very grateful to have received acceptances to all three of the American programs in Israel! I know this has been discussed before and I've read many of the other threads, but I'm still really struggling with the decision. To give some background, I grew up Jewish with strong...
  4. S

    SGU vs Sackler

    Hi all! I'm applying to Sackler & SGU and was wondering if anyone had any input about the pros and cons of both of these schools. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  5. L

    2020-2021 Sackler School of Medicine

    Hi everyone! Since Sackler just opened up their application for starting in Fall 2021, I thought I would create a thread for all of us to discuss!