saint louis university

  1. L

    Looking for a third roommate at SLU, near SLUSOM

    Hi! I was recently accepted to SLU school of medicine and am looking for a third roommate for housing that's pretty much directly across the street from the school. Both me and my current roommate are super tidy, and honestly that's all we're looking for in a third roommate. The place we're...
  2. S

    URGENT! FIU VS SLU - Help me please!

    Hey guys, *Sigh* What a wonderful problem to have I guess. After being mentally prepared to attend Saint Louis University for the past few months, I just squeaked in off the waitlist to Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. I need advice from those who...
  3. S

    SLU MPH- Be Wary

    Hi all. I was a frequent reader of the MPH Applied/Accepted/Rejected forums a few years ago and ended up choosing Saint Louis University for my MPH in a dual concentration. I am now a second-year and would not recommend this school to anyone seeking their MPH. I will preface this by saying I am...
  4. MDhopeful234

    MD Very late application but 516MCAT - which secondaries are worth it?

    516 MCAT, 3.43 overallGPA, 3.2 scienceGPA (but went to an undergrad currently ranked #3 in the nation with the worst grade deflation ever). Current M.S. student. I am working on secondaries and I am wondering if I should complete all of them due to very very late timing. I am very late due to...
  5. L

    SLU v. UICOM-P

    Hi all, As Decision Day approaches, I am reaching out to you all to see if you have any insight on the medical programs at Saint Louis University and University of Illinois, Peoria. Since I am a California resident, I would also love to get insight from Californians going to school in the Mid...