salary surveys

  1. U

    Retina Salary Surveys; Billing to Bonus Ratio

    I have something from 2014, but I'm wondering if anybody has anything more recent for vitreoretinal salaries--ideally from ASRS or AAO. I know that many practice owners easily clear $1 million, and that starting salaries are usually in the $350-$400k range--but am looking for something...
  2. Treaty of Dorsi

    Salary poll to help prospects and current pod students

    I have seen many threads about salary and the overall consensus is ask podiatrists near you or check MGMA. This forum has been great and has helped me in making my decision to pursue podiatry. However, given the pandemic, it will be difficult to 'ask a podiatrist near you' and so I figured a...
  3. Jas2188

    MGMA 2018

    Hi, Can some one that has access share MGMA 2018 data here. Also, I will be out of residency this June 2019 and will be negotiating my contract in the next few weeks. What percentage (25%, 50%, 75% or Mean) of MGMA reported salary for my specialty should I target during negotiations. Recruiters...
  4. M

    Does anyone has 2015 MGMA salary survey results?

    Hey all, Does any one has 2015 MGMA salary survey results? MGMA website is charging over $700 for the latest edition. Thanks!