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  1. cactusflowerblossom

    Coursework & Fieldwork Looking for San Jose fw 2 sites - HELP!

    I currently attend an OT program in Pennsylvania but I am trying to go back home to California for one of my level 2 fieldwork placements (to save money, of course!). However, my school doesn't have any contracts set up in NorCal, which means having to find a place willing to take me on. My...
  2. W

    Program-Specific Info / Q's San Jose State MSOT Fall 2016 applicants

    Hi everyone! Thought I'd create a thread for people applying to SJSU, hoping to be admitted for Fall 2016. We can all wait in agony and share any updates we have here! @Prospective O T @otjwl92 @Sk8OT52 @aama0616a @TexasMOT @cramos4 @hhOT