1. A

    Specialties with highest/lowest job satisfaction rate?

    This is purely out of curiosity. I've recently been reading up on what kind of specialties/residency programs there are, how many hours some doctors work, etc., and I'm wondering, is there any data that shows the job satisfaction rate for different physicians? If not, what do you think are the...
  2. John Detter

    PGY2 Critical Care - Post Residency Positions

    For those of you who are trained in critical care, what position did you take right out of residency? Also, how would you rate your job satisfaction and work/life balance that came with that position? I ask this because I am doing my critical care PGY2 right now and have seen several critical...
  3. Miss_B


    Hi everyone, A question for dental and pre-dental students alike: What is the student satisfaction for each dental school? Which schools hold your hand vs. which schools make their kids work independently? Which focus on research vs. community? Which schools have a difficult, bureaucratic...