1. I

    High Demand Pharmacy Job in 2018

    I know that Pharmacy is saturated in most states and I know many people have warned of the impending doom that has befallen our occupation. However, I am creating this thread to seek help as to any specific place, area, town or city that has a good demand for the pharmacy jobs in the United...
  2. H

    My Wife is a dentist

    Hey, My wife is a dentist back in India, I am a software engineer, we moved to California 2 years back. I know She has to go through a lot of schooling again after the NBDE I and II to start Her practices. Looks like its going to be very tough and costs more. I am also hearing from many forums...
  3. M

    Vision "Exams" through Certified Opthalmic Technicians

    Hello Pre-Opts! I posted this in the optometry forum, but I figure I would post this here since it should play a factor in your decision about Optometry and its future. [Mods, sorry for the double post, I want to get more opinions.] A friend of mine recently came across an optical shop called...
  4. M

    Vision "Exams" through Certified Opthalmic Technicians

    A friend of mine recently came across an optical shop called Jins. She told me that they also did examinations there for an affordable price. Being curious, I went to the shop after work since I work about 10 minutes from there. When I got there, I looked at the prices and thought, "wow that is...
  5. oklahomasooner

    How is Optometry Super Saturated?

    I'm confused as to how Optometry is super saturated? There are only 21 schools and most schools don't even graduate 100 per year! There are multiple medical schools that graduate 150+ yet physicians (or dentists/pharmacists) are not super saturated. So how is the optometrist career super...