1. N

    South university pharmacy vs mcphs worcester

    Hi, if someone could help me out please. I got accepted to MCPHS Worcester and south university pharmacy school in savannah, georgia. they are both 3 year programs but south is on a quarterly system. the cost of attending would be roughly the same for both schools but MCPHS offered me 7000...
  2. F

    HOUSING NEEDED: SAVANNAH, GA near South University

    Hi SDN, I'm looking for a single bedroom to lease for at least one year in Savannah. I will be moving in June. (I just got accepted today!) The closer to South University, the better. A little about me: I'm an incoming pharmacy student, 24 years old, and from California. I come from a big-ish...
  3. Artzilla

    Pediatrician and Family Practice - H1B, low stress, rural, underserved, warm

    We work with a medical group near Savannah providing services to a small, mostly minority population. We seek: Newly graduating residents People needing visa sponsorship People looking for a lower stress environment with a relatively light load People seeking the warmer climate of southeast...