1. 9

    Can you save Letters of Recommendation?/Being able to have them as soon as the cycle opens

    I have came across different threads that pertain to the process of asking for letters of rec, but what I am wondering is if is there a way I can talk to my professors and have them send me a letter of rec that I can save somewhere, or if I should tell them to save the letter until I send them...
  2. S

    Free 110 page book : how to avoid scams, save money. Awesome.

    Hi This free book is just awesome. How to avoid scams and save money for international students. Not just free and useful, but is also fun to read. So, so true the stuff the author talks about. Makes us realize what a...
  3. RogueBanana

    The SDN Meal-Prep and Recipie Thread

    A big part of overall wellness is your diet. We all know this. But so many of us put off or ignore our nutritive needs for lack of time, planning or funds. So I decided to create a thread for the more experienced members of SDN to share their expertise on meal prep and healthy recipies in...
  4. F

    Free (Giving away) The Pass Machine $52 discount code/referral (code shown in post)

    Hello, If you need a $52 discount referral code for The Pass Machine (any specialty) just PM me and I'll send you the info need. It's not much but better than nothing! Good luck! EDIT: The code is AMB54953 which is entered into the coupon/discount code box when you input your payment