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    Help picking a school! USC vs. Campbell vs. MUSC

    Hey everyone! I'm having a hard time picking a school. I've narrowed my choices to 3 schools, which I've been accepted into: Campbell, MUSC and USC (south carolina, not cali.) I'm from NC but I really like SC. I know I can get a good education no matter where I go, but picking is hard. I need to...
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    where should I attend pharmacy school? MUSC or USC CoP?

    long story short I currently have a 4.0 from a state school in the south and a bunch of shadowing hours, etc. I am about to be a sophomore and am going to apply in state to one of the 2 pharmacy schools in my state (SC). One of them is MUSC and the other is the college of pharmacy at USC. They...
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    SCCP (USC/MUSC) Class of 2020 (Entering 2016)

    Hello, everyone! I'm creating a thread for applicants of SCCP schools so we can discuss the application process! I also I got an interview next week September 18th! I am excited