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    2021 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD): Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected!

    Hi Everyone! I have not yet seen a thread to discuss Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) programs. I remember how much the "MPH: Applied, Accepted, Waitlisted, Rejected" thread helped me and so I thought having one for those applying to doctoral programs could also be super beneficial...
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    Harvard incoming Fall 2018

    Hey yall, I wanted to start a thread for folks who are going to (or thinking about) going to Harvard next year! Some starting questions: Has anyone thought about when they are going to move to Boston and how they are going to find housing? Does anyone know what kind of acceptance rate the PhD...
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    2018 Doctoral Public Health (PhD, DrPH, ScD) Admission Results

    I saw one of these threads listed for 2016 and 2017, but not 2018. Please let me know if I have reposted! Has anyone heard back from any programs yet? I'm still waiting to hear back from GW's DrPH program.
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    Anyone have or consider a DHSc or ScD/DSc?

    Im close to finishing DPT school and was considering a PhD in order to pursue teaching. Now I have been gaining interested in a DHSc or ScD in physical therapy reason being they seem more suitable for PT’s who are working and want to do a more distance type of program that still has a...