1. F

    Few questions on the history of ECT and catatonic schizophrenia

    Hello all! I am currently in the research stages of a piece of fiction, set in 1949 London, that deals with mental health issues and period treatment methods. I am struggling to find answers to a few specific questions regarding the history and logistics of ECT and catatonic schizophrenia. I...
  2. Herod

    how to behave safely with schizophrenic ?

    My old friend live in zone of war conflict . His brother is ill with schizophrenia . By reasons of bad financial state , friend was must to take brother from psychiatric hospital . And my friend did the best of that he knew : he placed btother in wagon...
  3. Herod

    schizophrenia at cat

    ...Sorry , if my English is not completelly correct . My native language is another ... I saw a humans , that have illness in schizophrenia . This my expirience make have suspicion , that all or almost all kitten , that was in agressive conditions of City , is ill with schizophrenia . All...