1. sasukeuchiha33

    Does "MCAT blind" really mean MCAT blind?

    Would love adcom insight on this @Goro @gyngyn @LizzyM @gonnif @Faha and others- Do schools that claim they have an MCAT blind interview selection process really mean that? this is only anecdotal, but I'm a reapplicant and am applying with a substantially higher score this year than last year...
  2. DysonPhilips

    Questions for the experienced radiologist...

    Good evening, I've developed an interest in x-ray sources and imaging techniques. There is a lot of great information out there but I feel there is gaps in my knowledge of the subject. Below I included a list of questions for anyone to answer. I don't expect one person to answer them all so I...
  3. A

    MSAR Screening

    Hi, so I bought the online MSAR and I'm not sure where on each school's page you would find the information on whether or not they screen before the secondaries. Thanks guys!!
  4. M

    Is 3.0 gpa cutoff for science gpa too, or only cumulative gpa?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew whether med schools screen for a >3.0 science gpa also, or is it only for cumulative gpa? My cumulative gpa is well above 3.0, but my science gpa might go under 3.0 this semester. I am planning on doing an SMP program, but I just wanted to be sure that...
  5. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Can we place a paper on screen during angle PAT?

    I am having trouble with the obtuse angle problems. It's annoying! Can I align an edge of paper with the lines on screen to retain my sanity? Thanks.