second round

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    Given A Second Chance-And Wanted to share my Story

    Me: MCAT 36-39. GPA:3.60-3.90. Had 3-4 publications in Undergrad, 1 first authorship in a leading journal in the field. Went to Top 10 Undergrad, magna cum laude, had a thesis, taught the MCAT for a company, had stellar LORs, was a TA for 3+ years, won a national award, was on student govt, etc...
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    2nd Round Non-Trad Applicant with Low, Old GPA

    Post Bach or SMP?? I'm trying to figure out a back up plan in case I don't get accepted again. I do not want to find a different career path and am determined to become a doctor even though the stupidity of my younger years (bad gpa) is kicking me in the ass! From 2012-2014 I was a full-time...