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Oct 16, 2014
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Post Bach or SMP??

I'm trying to figure out a back up plan in case I don't get accepted again. I do not want to find a different career path and am determined to become a doctor even though the stupidity of my younger years (bad gpa) is kicking me in the ass! From 2012-2014 I was a full-time student retaking prerequisites for medical school applications. This helped me increase my poor undergrad GPA from when I originally got my degree in 2003.

Should I consider a formal Post Bach program to further increase my GPA or would a SMP be more appropriate since I already did an informal/DIY Post Bach? I'm afraid my still low GPA isn't getting me past the initial screenings.

I'm on my second admissions cycle. Applied the end of June to over 12 MD schools - 5 rejections so far and no II. Applied to around 20 DO schools in beginning of October - 7 rejections so far and no II. I did not apply DO last year. I have absolutely no problem going DO though!

Age: 35
Cumulative GPA: 2.7
MCAT: 30
Current Career: Medical Device Sales (for the last 12 years and currently)
Minnesota Resident
White Male
Married with Children

Are there programs I should consider that have direct linkage and feed into a medical school class? Is this a bad route?

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What was your GPA from 2012 - 2014? Is the GPA you listed above your GPA with grade replacements or overall with bad grades and new grades? What was your GPA from 2003? Was it a science degree? What's your science GPA? How many classes were you taking per quarter from 2012-2014? When was the MCAT? Have you take it more than once?

DO schools will calculate a different GPA because they look at the retake only. If you want good advice here you need to list out more info. I can't advise anything until I see the whole picture and see if you have had a significant upwards trend or not.
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