second time

  1. D

    Re-applying to DPT programs for a second time. Need some advice

    So for this current DPT application cycle didn't go well for me. All the schools I applied to rejected me and I'm preparing to re-apply once applications open up in June. My stats: - 3.32 cGPA - 3.30 Pre-req - 3.57 GPA for last 60 credits - 151 Q, 150 V, 4.0 A - 127 hrs in outpatient...
  2. Dental_Dream101

    Second Time DAT Taker

    (scroll down for update) Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a long time and decided to finally make an account. So i studied for the DAT during summer and didn't do too well. I studied using the DAT destroyer, DAT genius and DAT Q Vault. Growing up i never really had a great...
  3. wherewillibe

    DAT destroyer

    I purchased DAT destroyer in 2014 back in freshman year. I've already took DAT once(didn't do so well) and planning to take one more time in Jan 2017. Do you guys think that 2014 edition is out dated and I should purchase 2016 edition? If so any thoughts on Gen chem destroyer? I bought dat...
  4. B

    MCAT Taking the MCAT again

    Repeat Test Taker: Second/Third/Fourth Time's a Charm? Preparing for the MCAT for months, finally sitting to take it, then waiting an agonizing and nightmare-filled month just to open your Thx report to find you need to repeat the exam can be devastating. Anyone who tells you differently is...