second year

  1. J

    MD & DO Research Survey: Medical school students & Anxiety

    Help me collect data for my research and take the survey below! Medical School Students & Anxiety Background: I am conducting a cross-sectional study of anxiety in first and second year medical school students for my Capstone project. I am using forums like these to help collect data. If you...
  2. L

    Should i work towards a second minor?

    I am a second year premed student majoring in biomedical sciences and have a minor in pysch. I am thinking about minoring in chemistry but is it worth it? Do med schools even look at minors? If i were to take up this second minor i would not be able to finish a semester early. My goal is to go...
  3. coribear09

    second year looking for advice on AEGD/GPR

    Hey I was curious about how competitive it is to get accepted into an out of state GPR or AEGD residency program?? I currently attend the OU College of Dentistry and don't plan to stay in Oklahoma City. My grades are good, I have a 3.7 halfway through second year and I help out with ASDA events...
  4. A

    Fellowship Opportunists for someone like me

    I want to be competitive for industry or academic fellowships. On top of what i'm listing below what can I do to increase my chances. (im a P2 btw) 3.35 GPA (low but i'm increasing it one test at a time) Research elective with a planned poster next year to present Research with Professor...
  5. P

    career options, locums, residency funding snafu

    Major questions are bolded. I have struggled to get into residency for a number of reasons and I need advice about my options. I’m not sure how many details to include. I have not been able to reach anyone at my med school and feel so alone. I graduated from med school in 2015 in NV but did...
  6. S

    Courses to take before the MCAT

    I am a first year psychology student at UTM, and I am in the process of making my 4 year plan. I was a little bit worried about fulfilling pre-requisite courses throughout my degree as I hope to be accepted into the "Behaviour, Genetics, and Neurobiology" specialist program, however I have...
  7. rs_med_student

    BOTH Best Books for 2nd year recommendations please.

    hello guys. next month ill be hopefully moving to 2nd year and studying: -phathology -microbiology -pharmacology -genetics (i probably wont need a book) i need something that all med students dream of,a book thats: clear concise easy to read HIGH YIELD or MIDUIM YIELD just like Guyton for...
  8. M

    Position Wanted FM Position in East Coast

    I am looking for a Second year family medicine position in the NY, CT, Philly, Jersey etc area. Please private message me if you have any information on openings. Thank you!!!