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  1. P

    Online Study on Improving Mood

    Researchers at Palo Alto University are conducting an online study to examine whether very brief interventions help people improve their mood. To join the study, which takes 10-20 minutes to complete online, plus a 5-minute survey 3 days later, go to...
  2. Tea Leaf

    Books to read before going into medicine

    So I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations on books to read before going into medicine? Also, what are the best self- help books for academic success? Thank you guys!
  3. S

    Independent Study Sources?

    Hello, I looked for a thread about this topic but couldn't find one so I hope I am not making a duplicate! I am entering the Pre-Vet game rather late, as I just found out about the niche interest I want to pursue recently, so I feel I am "behind the game" a bit as it were on a lot of "vet stuff"...