1. P

    Can independent pharmacy sell drugs/equipment for office use to a prescribers clinic?

    I know the law says that the pharmacy cannot fill a prescription “for office use,” but can an independent pharmacy sell injectable or oral medications to a prescriber for their office use? I would assume there would need to be a purchase order and a lot of documentation. I had a prescriber...
  2. Thoroughbred_Med

    For Sale TBR Complete Home Study (2012)

    Hey guys, Trying to sell a complete set of my used TBR books. I am looking to get $100 plus shipping for the whole set but am willing to sell each individually as well. Also, I realize these aren't the updated ones for the new exam. But practice problems are practice problems right! There is...
  3. Dream_big

    SELLING: Kaplan 2015 MCAT Books

    Title says it all. The '16 books are almost identical (I did a lot of comparing when studying for the MCAT with a friend that had the newer books). I'll even throw in a new 700 flashcard Kaplan MCAT set that I never used :rolleyes: PM me a price, I'm easy going :p
  4. TKHearOnline

    For Sale PCAT (98 Comp) Selling Kaplan and Dr. Collins

    Just took the PCAT and did fairly decent so I'd like to sell my study material to those of you still prepping for it! 2016 Dr. Collins 2014-2015 Kaplan big book McGraw-Hills PCAT pdf file (this I can just email you for free) All in great condition because I barely used them haha! I prefer...
  5. 1

    NBDE Exams,Licensure Exam

    Looking to sell typodont,skull,plastic teeth. NBDE Part 1 Materials Included in Part 1 Materials are : 2 Sets of Dental Decks First Aid Review Books ASDA Part 1 Past Test Booklets Email me to find out more; [email protected] Will send pictures
  6. soon2beDr.D

    Need Dr. Collins 2016-2017 Study Material

    Hello All! Im looking to buy Dr. Collins 2016-2017 study material ASAP please contact me on here if you have it and want to sell it. Thanks in advance :)
  7. F

    New MCAT: I am looking to buy used Kaplan prep materials & books! Anyone have?

    I am looking to buy used Kaplan MCAT (The new MCAT) prep materials and books, anyone have and want to sell? Reply to this thread or email me. Thank you!
  8. U

    Princeton Review MCAT 2015 - $200

    Hey all, I completed my MCAT last summer and got an acceptance to medical school and am now looking to sell the books. Selling all Princeton Review books (New MCAT) that I bought last year June 2015 so they are all up to date. Books are in great condition with notes/end of chapter multiple...
  9. K

    Wanted: DAT destroyer and other DAT prep books

    Looking for DAT Destroyer and Math destroyer mainly, and General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry Odyssey as well. Can be used or older versions; I just need affordable prep materials right now because #collegestudent If there's any other good review sites or books for the DAT like the DAT...