selling 2017 study materials

  1. J

    MCAT Books for sale!

    Looking to sell: -a Kaplan full prep set -NextStep Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice book -a brand new never used 2017 Berkley Review set Message me for prices if interested!
  2. C

    For Sale Kaplan and AAMC Study Material

    Hey everyone! I took the MCAT in March, and still have 2 month left on my Kaplan account. I have an MCAT Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced course (sold on Kaplan for $499) I also have the books from my in-person class (3rd edition), all the books that are untouched, besides the lesson...
  3. C

    For Sale Selling MCAT Books!

    Hi All! I just finished with the MCAT, so I'm looking to get rid of ALL my books I'm selling: EK 9th edition (Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research and Math, Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry, Biology 2 Systems, Psychology & Sociology, Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry, Physics) -$100 EK...
  4. soon2beDr.D

    For Sale Selling Dr. Collins 2016-2017 PCAT

    Hello I got ACCEPTED!!! and I'm selling my PCAT Dr. Collins material Current price is $375 + shipping = $395 or higher. Willing to sell $75 -$100 less. Contact me here will sell via Paypal. Willing to sell it ASAP! Take Care :) Oh it is the 2016-2017 version with all updates included.
  5. G

    Passed naplex

    Selling M. Khazraee 2017 Practice Questions. Message me if interested! Very useful resource.