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    Interested in paying to share someone's active DAT BootCamp

    I am willing to pay someone to let me share their active DAT BootCamp account so that I can take the practice tests.
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    Interested in hearing from others!!

    I just received my matching result and I am very happy with the outcome. I got advice from my home PD to list a particular school at the top and I did. She worked hard for me to get an interview with this school and gave me guarantees that they would rank me high enough so if I put them at the...
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    Renting Two Bedroom Available now for two medical Students in Philadelphia

    Two large rooms are available in my Fishtown home. Perfect situation for two medical students, law students, or grad student. I am renting the rooms separately. Ideal candidate will have full access to the house, which includes kitchen, living room, W/D, D/W, WiFi, central air, and access to...