shelf prep

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  2. Sublimazing

    OB/GYN Shelf Questions

    Hey guys, got my OBGYN shelf tomorrow. Had some questions if you don't mind. 1.) Do abnormal PAP result (ASCUS/LSIL...) treatment guidelines/algorithms come up as questions? Like: "24yo with LSIL, what is next best step...Colpo vs CKC/LEEP vs repeat testing? I ask because these guidelines...
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    NBME Physio Shelf

    Hey! So I have to pass the NBME physio shelf in 6 days. Any advice on what sources to use? I REALLY need to pass and I'm not too strong in physio. So far I've heard: 1-BRS Physio (I'm not a huge fan of the outlines and don't know this will teach me much - it seems better to review) 2- UWorld...