1. Piglet2020

    Silent Squad Wya?

    Applied to 25 schools, 2 II, 1 reject, and rest silence. Complete 7/31-8/3 Not in panic mode, just want to see how everyone is holding up in the radio silence.
  2. GBCrzzyy

    Silent Rejection vs Notified Early

    Is it more common to get notified of a rejection a month or two after your secondary is complete or is it more common to get a silent rejection until March/when classes start? I'm just curious.
  3. B

    Explicit vs. Silent Rejection Schools

    Does anyone know which of the following schools are more likely to notify a student of an explicit rejection, rather than, say, silently do so (i.e., If a school says an application is under review but has no plans of extending an interview invite before sending a final rejection in March, I...