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    Non-trad with family concerns

    Hi All, I’m new to this, but I wanted to share my story and get some feedback. I am 30 years old, married, have two toddlers, and am currently an engineer. My spouse encouraged me to chase my dream of medicine, and I have now been accepted. The problem seems to be that even though I was told my...
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  3. D

    Non-Traditional dental applicant. Pre-dental help. my odds?

    OK, so here are my stats... (One thing to know is that I am in no way stopping or giving up on this dream. I thrive on motivation an encouragement, however am a realist an appreciate any help in areas I need work on. Please feel free to leave any advice, comments, insight and experiences below...
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    interested in med school?

    Hi I am a single mom who recently went back to school. My current pursuing degree is a Bachelors in Public health/ Pre- Med track. Initially my goal was to become a NP or PA, but one morning I woke up with the idea of going to medical school. I guess I am here to ask if it is do-able, if anyone...
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    Awful Freshman Year

    I am stressing myself out. It's the week before finals and I really don't know what's going on in any of my classes. I started this year off with an amazing planner, study schedule, sleep schedule and diet! I was even working out a few times a week. Then my three year old started having sleep...
  6. Cali sunshine

    At what point do you just give up?

    Hi all, Took MCAT a couple of days ago for the 2nd TIME!...don't feel as if i did well...can't go into the details due to the AAMC's signed agreement not to discuss the specifics of the exam. Well, studied like crazy for about 4 months, mcat tutor, princeton review (classes for about 3...