skype partner

  1. S

    Need Step 2 CS study partner in central Cali or Skype

    Hello, I am taking my step 2 CS in September. Looking for a female study partner that is taking the CS around the same time in September 2017. I am currently in Santa Barbara, California but if you are in Oxnard/Ventura/Camarillo/Goleta/Los Olivos/Solvang, etc... We can meet up a few times a...
  2. Hands4Surgery

    SKYPE partner needed for Step 2CS. Exam is 3/20. Need partner ASAP!

    Hi All! I need someone that is willing to be my SP on skype (and I can be your SP if needed) to study for Step 2 CS. My test is on 3/20. I am in a US medical school but I am a bit off cycle so most people took the test already, and it's very difficult to find friends that have time to...