solo practice

  1. Eye-eye

    Curious about starting a private practice

    I've been curious about different career opportunities in ophtho, and it seems like if you are someone who enjoys having control over how you practice, living in a rural area, getting away from the bureaucratic BS, and really taking home what you kill (and you enjoy business to some extent)...
  2. J

    What are some ways to advertise a solo psychiatry practice?

    What are some ways to advertise a new cash-only solo psychiatry practice? Where do most people practicing in that setting get their patient referrals?
  3. G

    How do pods sell their solo practice when it is time to retire?

    I'm an Ohio podiatrist and have been in solo practice for over 17 years. I am ready to retire to Florida. I never thought I would want to retire early, it was not my original plan. Is there a forum that allows "practice for sale" postings?