1. Prashanthgs1996

    SOPHAS deadline & WES evaluation

    I am an international applicant to MPH fall 2022. My university will be sending the transcripts to WES by the end of this month for evaluation. How long does WES take for evaluation once it receives the documents? Most of the programs have a dec 1 priority deadline. But SOPHAS says it might...
  2. R

    GRE Submission Question

    Hello, I am currently applying for my MPH through SOPHAS. I submitted my first application, and did not send official test scores. When I downloaded my application packet it had the unofficial scores listed that I plugged into the test score part on SOPHAS. This was before I realized I did not...
  3. J

    General SOPHAS/HAMPCAS Required Application Items and Confusion

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm very confused about the application process. I was in some old threads here and I became under the impression that there's a general common SOP (where you don't mention the school names) AND school-specific SOP. Is this incorrect? Because...
  4. LizzyM

    SOPHAS verification

    How long is SOPHAS verification taking these days. (Asking for a friend. ;) )
  5. ThisisReality

    MPH CV vs Resume

    So, for SOPHAS - I'm trying to figure out which one would be better to use... a 2 page resume or write a CV with some more description on my leadership positions. Also, if I have a CV, do you think filling out the experiences section is redundant? Or would it be where the "most important"...
  6. S

    MHA Sophas GPA

    Hi....I'm an international student. I just submitted my SOPHAS application.I got my transcripts verified by WES, so i got my WES gpa. Will that change after sophas verifies it? I mean will sophas calculate my GPA again
  7. E

    SOPHAS : multiple GRE scores

    Okay, so I have a question regarding the Standardized Test score section of the SOPHAS. Im applying to Masters programs in Epidemiology in several schools. Anyway, I took the GRE recently and did excellent in the verbal and essay section, however, my math was HORRIBLE. Im taking it again in 2...
  8. jshek94

    MPH Do LOR have to be submitted to SOPHAS before it can be verified?

    Hi all, SOPHAS states that they take 4-6 weeks to verify so that means our applications must be done and ready to go 4-6 weeks before the actual deadline, right? So if I am applying to school with a Dec. 1st deadline, my app must be completed by mid-October, correct? Does this apply to LOR...
  9. B

    Is it too late to apply to MHA programs this cycle?

    I really just decided to go for the MHA. I'm graduating this May. I've been pre-med so my GPA has been gouged by difficult science classes but I'm expecting to graduate with BS Neuroscience 3.17 gpa. I haven't taken accounting(would probably take during summer) but I am taking economics this...