1. B

    Surgery in Podiatry

    Hi, everyone and anyone. I was wondering what kind of surgery can a podiatrist do? Are there special dual programs or extended fellowships that podiatrists can achieve to perform more complex surgeries such as vascular surgeries, Neuromas, or anything else? Also, What subspecialty in Podiatry...
  2. tinyhandsbob

    What happens if I miss a medical school interview invite? (SPAM folder)

    So I'm interested in finding out what happens if I were to miss an interview invite that went into my spam folder. My spam folder permanently auto deletes after 30 days and I have not regularly checked it throughout the two application cycles I applied. So technically I have no way of finding...
  3. Lost in Translation

    Official lalex questions thread.

    @lalex, use this thread to ask all your superfluous questions about med school.
  4. KeepCalm&DownDog

    6 Interviews so far, worried

    Hey guys, I'm a 4th year student at a US allopathic program (state). I applied to ~29 IM programs and so far have only heard back from six . I am concerned because I actually did not receive an email invitation from the last program that extended an interview (Loyola) and they had to call me...