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  1. tinyhandsbob

    What happens if I miss a medical school interview invite? (SPAM folder)

    So I'm interested in finding out what happens if I were to miss an interview invite that went into my spam folder. My spam folder permanently auto deletes after 30 days and I have not regularly checked it throughout the two application cycles I applied. So technically I have no way of finding...
  2. Lost in Translation

    Official lalex questions thread.

    @lalex, use this thread to ask all your superfluous questions about med school.
  3. KeepCalm&DownDog

    6 Interviews so far, worried

    Hey guys, I'm a 4th year student at a US allopathic program (state). I applied to ~29 IM programs and so far have only heard back from six . I am concerned because I actually did not receive an email invitation from the last program that extended an interview (Loyola) and they had to call me...