specialty dental practice

  1. Kavity

    Mission trip in US vs out of US

    Hi everyone! I was recently looking to participate in a mission trip, as I see that this is a wonderful way to provide complementary care for communities who may not otherwise have access to care. In my search I found one in-state mission, and one overseas mission. Unfortunately, both are...
  2. whosnisarg

    OMFS Job Growth

    Hey, guys! It's a bit early for me but I'm very curious... How is the job market right NOW for a full-time OMFS? Where are most of these jobs (location and private-practice/universities)? What is the estimated job growth in ten years for OMFS? I've been hearing/reading that the job market for...
  3. Kavity

    Specializing vs. certification in a specialty

    I've heard of dentists specializing in one specialty (for example, orthodontics), which requires years of additional training, but I have also met dentists who have done a 6 month certification course in orthodontics. What's the difference? Are there benefits/drawbacks to either? Please include...
  4. Michael Furlong

    Specialty Dental Practice For Sale - Texas

    Sleep Apnea Specialty Dental Practice For Sale This offering is an exceptional opportunity for a General Dentist looking to own a practice, but not interested in the back-breaking work of traditional General Dentistry. This practice basically runs itself. The current owner only works 4 - 10...