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    Free Check List for Starting OT/SP/PT Clinic

    My girlfriend, who is an OT and I (MBA) just have started an Pediatric OT Clinic in Atlanta, GA. It has taken us about 6 months to get our clinic off the ground and getting reimbursed :-) We both left our jobs 4 months ago.. You can do it too.. No more Atlanta Traffic for me.. I have a...
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    Advice on SLP Post-Bacc / PreReqs?

    I'm planning on applying to MS/MA SLP programs and am a little uncertain about what to do when it comes to pre-reqs and post-bacc programs. I'm a non-major (BA International Affairs, minors in German and International Human Rights / MA Political Science) with a few general science courses...
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    H1B Sponsorship for california licensed PT, SLP, OT

    Premier Rehab Services is interested in H1B visa sponsorship for California licensed (or in process) Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists. The H1B employment visa program opens on April 1st each year for a week and runs through a lottery for 85000...