1. S

    Medical Scribe/Intern Opportunity in the Bay Area, CA

    This is an exciting opportunity for the aspiring medical student, during a gap year between undergraduate studies and medical school, to assist in the treatment of patients in the heart of Silicon Valley as part of a busy Workers Comp Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Sports...
  2. M

    Pre-Medical-MD, Anatomy Help.

    Hay guys, I hope you are well. I need some serious advice, links, suggestions..etc for the anatomical landmarks of the different vertebrae. I am requesting any sort of ACCURATE table of the layout to ease the study of all the different important anatomical landmarks that occur in the transverse...
  3. DrSatan

    Neural Repair & Rehabilitation Fellowships?

  4. T

    Any new information on these sports & Spine fellowships?

    Anyone have any new information on the following places as sports and spine fellowships? HSS Spine & Sports Medicine Penn Spine & Sports Medicine Desert Spine & Sports - Phoenix, AZ Cleveland Clinic MSK fellowship Johns Hopkins Spine & MSK The Spine and Sports Center (Houston, TX with Dr...
  5. Cheezy89

    Anyone else experienced this in school?!

    I know this PT forum discussed serious topics but I wanted to share how funny things have been after I learn about the spine in 4 weeks. Currently learning about the hip, knee and ankle and it has been 3 weeks. One more week to go before final exam!
  6. MedMal Brain

    Educational Websites on Medical Malpractice and Brain & Spine Injuries

    Hi everyone:=|:-): I work on a couple websites that students can cite for schoolwork. Find articles, definitions, infographics, legal help and more. I'm in these sites every day working on improvements and ways to get more info out there. Have a look and add ideas you might like to see on...