1. M

    Need some help in SPSS

    I'm very new to SPSS. How do I create a variable in a variable? My current file is like this ("ID", "Age", "XX" and "XY" are all variables): But I want to have it this way: I want to add "time" as a variable in the variable "ID". I know my explanation is horrible, but I'm hoping that...
  2. Mister Significant

    SPSS Cohen's D

    So I have find Cohen's D but display a syntax tracing my route to it. I know the formula is easy, and I already know what it is. I just need a functional way to display on syntax. I'm running a very simple design. Between-subjects: IV: MusicType (neutral v sad) DV: Score on Facial Recognition...
  3. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTD and research

    Hi! I am planning to apply to a few OTD programs this fall (Belmont, Washington University (STL), and Huntington). I have so many questions. 1. RESEARCH VS. VOLUNTEER/ EXTRA CURRICULAR: I am currently in an psychology undergrad with a minor in wellness. I have done a fair amount of volunteer...
  4. A

    Spearman VS Pearson, test choosing and interpreting) (Statistics & SPSS)

    Hello, I need to fix the problem choosing and interpreting the correct statistical test for my data. I have data from (a) Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire short form (20 questions, answers from 1 (=very dissatisfied) to 5 (=very satisfied)) and (b) from Social Readjustment Rating...