1. PlumPoppy

    VMCAS Questions and Rants c/o 2027

    I haven't seen a thread for this application cycle yet, so I figured I'd start one! 3rd time starting the application, but my first time applying! Super excited but nervous. I have this burning question in my mind, and I haven't seen any answers on here or school websites. Does anyone know how...
  2. 0

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Elmhurst College Accreditation Status

    Does anyone know what would happen if Elmhurst College does't attain pre-accreditation status? I know they were withheld pre-accreditation status in 2017. They were visited by the ACOTE this spring but I haven't heard any news on the outcome. Thank you.
  3. 8


    HI. I just interviews at ucsf and now my status and AADSAS application changed from”invited for interview” to “received/under review”. Is this normal/happened to everyone who interviewed? Thank you
  4. W

    PTCAS Extracurriculars - Club Member "status"

    I am in the process of adding my club memberships into the Extracurriculars section of PTCAS. As an example, I am currently adding my experience as a member of the Pre-PT club. I entered the start and end dates for the experience, but it is also asking me for "status," and the choices are...
  5. Toothout

    Withdrew before action

    Hey, After been accepted to a school I consider perfect, I withdrew my application in some schools that told me that I was being considered for a post-December interview. I'm 100% sure that I wouldn't go there since their tuition is double what I'm going to pay at UMKC. However, every time I...
  6. R

    Late Transcript, Incomplete Application Status at Time of Deadline

    Hi everyone! To summarize my situation, I messed up and haven't gotten my transcripts sent to PTCAS for verification and my deadline is Monday the 17th (University of Montana PT Program). I have everything else done and my questions are AM I SCREWED? and WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am curious if I can...
  7. M

    DAT "Tested" status by no scores on AADSAS

    I took my DAT 7/19 (almost 3 weeks ago). On my ADEA account my DAT status is "tested" and "posted" and under Score Report Requests it says "There are no data records to display." When I click on "Display" under Details it says that my Processed Date was 8/10/16 (a week ago). But when I go into...
  8. S

    Not sure if I should consider myself disadvantaged for the AMCAS app?

    I'm not sure if this counts as being disadvantaged, but I was raised by my grandparents who retired when I was around 15. I had health insurance up until 18 when we couldn't afford it anymore and I was no longer a dependent. After my grandfather retired (when I was 15), our household income was...
  9. A

    University of South Alabama 2015-2016 status

    Has anyone heard back from USA during this application cycle? I submitted my application pretty early in the cycle and haven't heard anything one way or the other.