step 1 average

  1. doctorstrangerthingz

    240+ scorers, what were your study habits during classes?

    I’m currently an M1. I was wondering, for the people who scored 240+ on step, what specific study habits did you find helpful in learning the material from class? Would anyone be willing to share their routines/strategy/resources? (pls be specific if you can). I can’t help but think of how...
  2. liquidcrawler

    School Average Step 1 vs USNWR Rank

    Data: USNWR Research rankings 2018, USNWR reported step 1 average 2016 Hi guys, there is an ongoing reddit thread with a list of school's step 1 averages. S/o to @Serine_Minor for posting each school's average from USNWR data. I took the liberty to organize the data a little bit and thought I'd...