step 1 score delay

  1. gimv

    Step 1 on Tuesday, feeling like I failed

    I took the exam last Tuesday (5/16), and I walked out of it in a semi-decent shape, feeling somewhat confidence I had at least passed. As days go by, I keep remembering questions and I can't stop myself from looking them up. So far I have about 12 incorrect answers (only from the few I remember)...
  2. B

    USMLE Failing UWSA but passing NBME, Exam in 2 weeks, HELP please

    Hello, so I am an IMG and have been studying for a while now. Around 6 weeks ago i took UWSA1 and got 160 2 weeks later I took NBME16 and scored 188, So I was thrilled with the improvemnt. Another 2 weeks later I took NBME 17 and scored 201. Happy that I was on track, set my exam date in a...
  3. D


    I took step 1 on may 20th, so I was expecting my score today but apparently I have to wait till July 13... OMGGGGGGGGG I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T. Who else is in the same boat? What kind of torture is this???