step 2 course

  1. Z

    Should I take Kaplan Live In-Person Step 2 CK course?

    So I did not perform that well on Step 1 and am interested in a competitive specialty so reallllly want to perform super well on Step 2. I have about 3 months elective time to take off to study for Step 2 and will have the money to spend for a prep course here in NYC. Has anyone taken the...
  2. chalupabatman13

    For Sale Step 2 CK Qmax 12 Month Subscription Coupon Code

    I am selling a 12-month subscription to Step 2 CK Qmax question bank ($198) for $170 OBO. The subscription has NOT been activated! I was awarded a coupon code for the price of the subscription as part of a scholarship, but I am not interested in activating or using the service. Contact me if...
  3. A

    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep for Step 2 CK

    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep LLC I recently completed 5 weeks at USMLEagle studying for STEP 2 and would like to present a review since I couldn’t find any good reviews before deciding to come here. I will try my best to be as objective as possible to let you make your opinion about the...