step 2 cs advice

  1. P

    Tutoring for STEP1, 2 CK + CS!

    Hello future Doctors! I am offering my help in preparing students for STEP 1,2 CS+CK, and STEP 3. Also, I would be able to read over your personal statements, help with elective applications and in general anything to do with American Residency applications. My scores for STEP 1 and 2- 247 and...
  2. DrKoala27

    USMLE Step 2 CS - did a physical exam on a SP wearing street clothes

    Hi all - I recently took my step 2 cs and realized after the fact that I did a physical exam on a SP wearing street clothes. I guess it didn't really make sense but I did the bear bones PE (thyroid, heart, lungs). I don't remember reading the doorway instructions, but I'm guessing PE wasn't...
  3. goodvibes27

    USMLE Step 2 CS: Passed. Hope my experience helps. =)

    Hi Guys! I just received my Step 2 CS score and I passed! So relieved and happy, my heart was doing backflips in the hours counting down to the result! So I thought I would share my experience and give some tips regarding how to go about CS. It's a simple exam, I do agree with that, but one...
  4. M

    Just passed Step 2 CS after failing the first time

    I am an AMG who hasn't done amazing in medical school but has been average/slightly above average. H's and HP's throughout M3 and M4 years, average on Step 1, above average on Step 2 CK, and never had any issues with any OSCE's. Took Step 2 CS in November 2018 and was shocked when I found out in...