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    Step 2 - CS test takers/Live SP's - Los Angeles Group

    Dear All, I am creating this thread with an intent to have a common platform for students who are giving their exam at Los Angeles center. Use this thread to - Post our exam dates Find live SP's Coordinate travel dates Share accommodations Practice all the cases mutually with your sp's Support...
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    USMLE USMLERx Step 2 Qmax Discount Code!

    The First Aid/USMLE-Rx team would like to offer you a great deal --> 12 month Step 2 Qmax for $149!!! We all know this an A-rated question bank from the authors of First Aid for the USMLE. The subscription lasts for 12 months BUT if you don't take Step 2 until next year, they will even let you...
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    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep for Step 2 CK

    Honest review of USMLEagle Prep LLC I recently completed 5 weeks at USMLEagle studying for STEP 2 and would like to present a review since I couldn’t find any good reviews before deciding to come here. I will try my best to be as objective as possible to let you make your opinion about the...