step2 cs

  1. RaginMD

    Step 2 CS First Aid: 5th or 6th edition

    Hello guys, So I'm taking CS at the end of September and I have the 5th edition of FA that I got from a friend. I'm just wondering if I should buy the 6th edition? Are there any significant changes that would make it worth the purchase. I was also contemplating buying a 30 day World...
  2. M

    Looking for a CS exam study parter in chicago area.

    My exam is within a week in LA. contact me if you are interested.
  3. A

    STEP 2 CS question

    Hello, I took STEP 2 CS on August 1st and reporting is not open yet, which makes my application incomplete (only thing missing.) Should I e-mail programs I am especially interested in to let them know I have taken it but waiting on results? Reporting begins October 10th to November 8th, so I...
  4. kshah126

    STEP 2 CS Date Switch

    I have an appointment at Los Angeles on August 4th, 2018 in the AM. I am looking for someone to switch the date with, I would prefer something in late august, october or september.
  5. M

    USMLE USMLE CS NOV. 11 - in TEXAS [need partner]

  6. T

    Step 2 CS Scheduling Conflict Advice

    I am scheduled to take my Step 2 CS exam in Houston during August, but received & accepted an orthopaedic surgery away rotation offer in the Southeast. I am excited about this rotation and would like to do well on it, but my CS exam falls on the first Friday of my rotation there. There are no...
  7. sangprem

    USMLE/COMLEX TargetUSMLE Step2 CS - Raffle

    Welcome to SDN’s Test Prep Week – This September 2016 to help you successfully pass Step 2 CS, TargetUSMLE is giving you a chance to win one of these 3 amazing prizes. 1) Free Online Video Tutorials Access for 7 Easy steps 2 CS (excluding Step7) valued at $300 2) Free any 3 Steps of Online...
  8. johnwalldance

    AMG with recent CS fail applying IM

    Hello, I am a M4 at a probably lesser well-known state school (AMG). Just found out I failed Step2 CS and still unsure how; biggest shock to me in my life (always thought I was good with patients, good good clinical evals, never had a problem with a school OSCE) and put me in a mini depression...
  9. cabergoline2

    Yet another CS freakout thread :(

    I finished my cs before a couple of days. And I am going through the ritual of nightmare and panic attacks. I think I might flunk..Or if I pass it ll be borderline. My mistakes list. 1) In 2 patients I ran out of time at the end of counseling. ie I was not able to give them an opportunity to...