STEP 2 CS question

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Sep 28, 2018
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I took STEP 2 CS on August 1st and reporting is not open yet, which makes my application incomplete (only thing missing.) Should I e-mail programs I am especially interested in to let them know I have taken it but waiting on results? Reporting begins October 10th to November 8th, so I should have it decently soon.

Also bonus: I have 4 LOR, does it look bad to include all 4?

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There are two type of programs in the universe -- those that will want CS already completed to make interview decisions, and those that will not. Those that want CS completed to consider an interview (esp for IMG's, this is much less common for USMD's) won't care if you've "taken" it, they want a score. Those that don't care about the score for interviews (but might want it for ranking) also won't care. So there's really no benefit IMHO.

I think it's fine to include 4 letters. There's always a thread on SDN talking about programs that ask for 3 -- is it "not following directions" to submit 4? I have no idea, but seems crazy to me.
"No" to your first question.

"Only if the letter is bad" to the second question. But unlikely to help much either unless you somehow have a 4th letter that is incredibly strong and also says something different from the first three.