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    Advice for CK

    Hello, I am a little over a month away from CK (Scheduled for Aug 20), I am doing UW mainly and scoring between 50%-65% on my blocks, still have over half the qbank left to complete. My Step 1 was in the 220s, and I was content because my NBMEs were pretty low, and by the time I took Step 1 I...
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    STEP 2 CK suspended. What next?

    USMLE step 2 CS is suspended for the next 12-18 months! what do you think will be the fate of those who were not able to take it but are aiming for this cycle? I know I shouldn't have scheduled it so tight to the application season but it seems like there is no way I could get ECFMG certified...
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    How to study for the USMLE

    Hello everyone, It's been one year and a half since I started off this journey to the Match, and if something I've learned during this time it's about the real meaning of "helping". Ever since I began studying at Kaplan center in Chicago I could clearly understand how difficult it was to...