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  1. Wendy Chen

    Renting Furnished 1 BR/1BA apartment close to Stony Brook University Hospital

    Stony Brook, NY - furnished private 1 BR/1BA apartment located 10 minutes drive to Stony Brook Hospital and University: $1150. Nearby hospitals including John Mather Memorial Hospital; Good Samaritan Hospital; Long Island Community Hospital; Brunswick Hospital Center.
  2. medshousing

    Renting Stony Brook 1 bedroom Furnished townhouse near Stony Brook University Listing # 3074 Condo for rent with stunning water view and 15-minute drive from the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. The open floor plan 1st floor and loft bedroom have full panoramic views of the harbor. There are 2.5 well appointed bathrooms, a...
  3. A

    Stony Brook University vs HOFSTRA vs St. John’s University (Queens)

    So I’m currently a senior going into college next year and well, please help me out. I can’t decide on a college to commit to so I’ll list the pros and cons. Any feed back is helpful !!! Also, which one would you say has the better science program for med school? Stony Brook U Major: Biology...
  4. Rich Ties

    Stony Brook General Surgery Residency

    Can anyone give me any insight into how the General Surgery program at Stony Brook, NY is? I have been hearing/reading mixed things about it and would love to hear the experience of someone who knows more about it. Any Pros vs Cons? Would you do training there again? Family friendly?
  5. medshousing

    Roommate East Setauket, NY -Newly furnished room, located 7-8 minutes from Stony Brook University and Stony Brook Hospital Ringneck Lane, East Setauket, NY 117

    as seen on Looking for other medical students to share home. A fully renovated house with updated kitchen, marble bathroom, laundry room and WiFI. I am a medical student at Stony Brook and looking for roommates to share a fully renovated house located 7-8 minutes from Stony...